Sunday, 17 March 2013


 Sunday the 3RD CULTIVATE FILM CLUB was all about Art house horror. With DRILLER KILLER and THE HITCHER 

Driller Killer Abel Ferrara's low budget independent first feature, in which he cast himself along side a cast of unknowns. In the true spirit of art house cinema he also produced and directed it, setting up Navaron Films company (1977-78). Shooting on 16 mm film and utilized his Union Square apartment and adjacent streets as locations. It features many of the elements which became trademarks of Ferrara's later films (Bad Lieutenant and Kings Of New York) . His creative signature would include Catholic iconography, gritty urban locations atmospheric night shots, and eclectic soundtracks combining punk with Bach, incorporating choreographed scenes of extreme violence. His constant theme of religion and redemption, salvation and damnation which still hangs heavy in his more recent work, are more than put to good use in Driller Killer. Using the punk bands of the period to reflect contemporary New York this is not just a horror movie this is art house horror, listen out for the New York Dolls and Television. 

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