Thursday, 23 May 2013



This weeks screenings are themed 'NEW YORK KILLS ME' featuring two of the late 70’s and early 80’s most iconic film adaptations, the first is Sol Yurick's (one of the founding members of Students for a Democratic society) re-imagining of Anabasis by Xenophon, the Greek story of Cyrus the younger and his failed attempt to take the throne of Persia from his brother, killed in battle Cyrus’s attempted overthrow imploded. The Warriors screen adaptation by Walter Hill appeared just over a decade later with its vivid colours lyrical text driving infectious soundtrack and pin tight choreography turning it into an instant cult classic. The second was inspired by Jon Bradshaw's 38-page article for Esquire magazine in 1977 on the gangs of New York. Documentary filmmaker Gary Weis took the source material and constructed a very compelling documentary film in 80 BLOCKS FROM TIFFANY'S which tells the story of the Savage Skulls and the Savage Nomads telling the poignant funny and raw story of New York gang culture. This film manages to show the harsh, explicit side of gang culture filmmaker Gary Weis was able to get up close to the gang members and winning their trust breaking down the metaphorical that had keep previous documentary filmmakers out, so also being able to reflect on the humorous and light hearted side of the gang members 80 BLOCKS FROM TIFFANY’S was one of the first documentaries to give a voice to young Americas counter-culture and in many ways a lot like The Warriors film it quickly became an underground hit and a counter-culture classic as well as kick starting a whole new style of filmmaking.  Both films will be screened back to back for you to compare and contrast.



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