Monday, 23 September 2013



This week we explore Anime with Takeshi koike’s REDLINE, this high octane visually inventive vision of the future set in the world of motor racing the film centres around JP a reckless dare devil oblivious to speed and in turn to the world that surrounds him. With a militaristic government pulling the strings in background, a common thread in a lot of Anime features the fear of living in a utilitarian state. With all the main contenders oblivious to what lies beneath this play out as one of the most stylish film produced in recent years to extent that you forget your watching an animation, a designed to stimulate all the senses a film for film fans and Anime fans alike.

Next up Satoshi Kon’s PERFECT BLUE this dark thriller takes a subverted look at fame, Focusing on Mima Kirigoe singer turned actress who’s life is life is turned upside down when she lands a role in a murder mystery. Her life rapidly descends into madness as reality merges into fantasy as her hallucinations deepen so does her paranoia. Delusional and helpless the filmmakers drag you deeper into her world. Kon creates a terrifying voyeuristic netherworld with help from Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira); this is a suspense thriller in the truest sense with an added surrealist spin on the genera turning from it Anime into a classic.



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