Friday, 6 February 2015



Next up is the first of this year’s music special with just a little bit of a retrospective feel to it. First up ‘NAS’ TIME IS ILLMATIC, the film about an album that brought hip-hop back from the commercial wasteland and gave it back to the people NAS had set a new benchmark for a new generation of hip-hop producers and MC’s collectives. Encapsulating the socio-political outlook of modern America and the angst of a generation of young black men fighting to be heard, TIME IS ILLMATIC gave them a voice and turned NAS into a hip-hop icon over night. But don’t think this film is just about hip-hop; it goes beyond the music to show you the people behind the lyrics. Followed by 80’s guilty pleasure BREAKDANCE (aka Breakin) showcasing the electric slide, the caterpillar, locking and popping and the multifunctional use of Linoleum, a must see for any music fan. With the usual complimentary popcorn and rum.

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