Tuesday, 28 April 2015



This Sunday sees the third and final part of our ART ON SCREEN season with the beautifully meditative film by Sophie Fiennes OVER THE CITIES GRASS WILL GROW; on the work of Anselm Kiefer the German born painter and sculptor who studied under Joseph Beuys at Kunstakademie Dusseldorf, heavily influenced by Georg Baselitz, Kiefer’s  
Unflinching willingness to confront Germanys culture's dark past, and unrealized potential, his works are often done on a large, confrontational scale to represent the magnitude of what had gone before. It is also characteristic of his work to find signatures and names of people of historical importance, legendary figures or places encoded into his work. This is Kiefer way of process the past his; his use of material is negated by the piece with his use of objects both natural and manufactured, this has resulted in his work being interpreted as a type of New Symbolism. His work spans beyond art a veers into Socialist architecture with his passion for the work of Albert Speer and Wilhelm Kreis. Kiefer is like a sponge and allows his work can take on the culture and atmosphere of whichever environment he is working within, which became quite evident in his work when he spent a period of time in India. As an artist he was comfortable working in print, painting, photography, woodcuts and sculpture and it was this versatility that has been ever present throughout his career.
Next up is THE BRUCE LACEY EXPERIENCE a film by JEREMY DELLER and NICK ABRAHAMS; this film looks at the work of artist filmmakers and ever-present absurdist BRUCE LACEY the legendary figure on the British counter cultural art scene in the1960s. Working with everyone from the GOONS to KEN RUSSELL too collaborating with Turner prize-winning Jeremy Deller who co-directs this enchanting documentary Bruce Lacey has become a cultural icon revered by artists, filmmakers and musicians. A night of art and documentary for lover of both art and film.    

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