Wednesday, 3 June 2015



This Sunday sees the start of our cult classics season with ten weeks of cult cinema from around the world. Starts with a bang! And a very big one at that with our lady vengeance double bill. First up is the screen adaptation of the Manga classic LADY SNOWBLOOD; a woman conceived through violence seeks retribution for her late mother by exacting revenge on those she deemed responsible for her mother’s attack and subsequent death. Followed by an even more intense ride on the vengeance bus with one of the Czech Republics most inventive and original filmmaker Vera Chytilova the queen of satire and very dark comedy her thought provoking and abstract philosophical style is unique in the art of story telling will have you transfixed. TRAPS (PASTI, PASTI, PASTICKY) looks at the role of the victim and what can happen when the victim becomes the perpetrator, a stark look at morality, society, greed and masculinity this darkly comic look at the human condition and the social structures that surround it will live you for days if not weeks after viewing so come prepared to be blown away. With the usual free popcorn and rum

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