Saturday, 7 November 2015



This weeks sees the last of our Black History season always with the one you’ve all been waiting for Celine Sciamma’s GIRLHOOD. The film that takes you on journey from late adolescence to adulthood, using gender, race and class as the map we are encouraged to follow. Set in the housing projects of the hidden Paris. Scianna shows a culture very rarely shown in French cinema, with all the main cast members coming from black community of Paris. Even LA HAINE veered away from an all black cast, with most of the cast being none-actors the film has an air of authenticity making its examination of class and gender politics even more searching a must –see. Next up is Andrew Lang’s SONS OF CUBA set in the Havana Boxing Academy Lang follows the journey of three boxing hopefuls through eight dramatic months with the social and political back drop of Cuba and with the defection of it’s Olympic boxing champions to the USA their futures look bleak, passion, politics and pathos. A must-see, with the usual free popcorn and rum.

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