Tuesday, 23 February 2016



This Sunday is an art and music special. First up is STATION-TO-STATION by Doug Aitken who manages to bleed art, poetry and music into this seamless visual journey composed of 62 one-minute films highlighting the eclectic mix of creative talent. Designed as a kinetic light sculpture Aitken travels from New York to San Francisco over a 24 day period with performances from the likes of BECK/ SAVAGES/ NO AGE/ PATTI SMITH/ CAT POWERS/ ARIEL PINK/ GIORGIO MORODER/ SUICDE/ SAM FALLS/ ED RUSCHA/ OLAFUR ELISSION the list is endless. This film it a testament to the ever evolving creative culture and the importance of cultural and creative collectivism a must for any creative practitioner and a visual feast for the observer. With another live performance from the immensely talented HEXAGON TRAIL with accompanying visuals. This will be followed by FOR ALL MANKIND scored by the legendary Brian Eno yet another film dealing with travel through the eye of a visual artist. During the lunar mission of 1968 to 1972 the astronauts were given 16mm cameras and just instructed to film any thing and everything and the moon surface itself. This footage has been edited together to create a mesmerising documentation of one of the 20th century greatest moments in history with a simply brilliant score made up of memories that drives the film forward. With rum cocktails and popcorn and teacakes for the second film.

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